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Some of you prefer using fence panels to fence your gardens or backyard, and we are here to help you.

Fence panels (some call them Privacy fences) are designed to conceal your yard from neighbors and passersby and may also lend a decorative element to your landscape. Read more..

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There are many different styles of privacy fences, but they can be categorized and compared based on the material used to build them. 

The privacy fence that’s right for you depends on your needs, budget, and time.

Fence panels come in different materials, and at Smith Metal Works we provide Metal fence panels in particular.

We know how important garden fence panels are, that’s why we are here to serve you and meet your needs.

If you decide to purchase any of our styles that are shown below, you only need to contact us via our website or email. 

 You can even attach desired pictures, so we can produce for you. Otherwise, and in case you feel undecided about your choices, you are welcome to call us at (905) 766 -1515 where one of our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have.

You can also arrange a free consultation with no obligation. We wish you to find out what suits your ideas and style.  Again, please do not hesitate to call us for any questions 

We are happy to serve you and complete your ideas at Smith Metal Works.

There’s no need to worry because we take our job seriously and professionally. Sit back and wait for our staff to deliver your brand new panel fence. 

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    Fence Panels

    There are many different types of Metal Fences available in the market, depending on the metal type, design, style, and size. Choose the right Metal Fence as per your need. Some of the options available in Metal Fences are as below: Read more..

    Metal Fence Gallery

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    Aluminum fence

    Mostly being used in commercial rather than residential areas, this type of fence is corrosion resistant.

    So, you can install it in any area without having to worry about exposure to water, which is why Aluminum fences are popularly used. 

    The lightweight of this fencing makes it the perfect option. It’s a great option as it is entirely recyclable. Aluminum is also a more cost-effective way to go instead of another type of metal fencing.

    Benefits of  Aluminum fencing  

     1- Versatility

    Aluminum fencing can be adjusted to fit your landscape, so you can use it on flat surfaces as well as sloped land without worrying about ugly gaps.

    Plus many manufacturers can create custom designs to fit your needs.

    The fences that made of aluminum are also great for modular wall fencing because it can be built to different height specifications and topped with spikes for security by following local code.

    Visit our gallery and learn more about the options available, style, height, hardware, racking, color, caps. Call us smith metal works for help selecting a fence that will fit your specific needs and wants.

    2-  Affordability 

    Especially when compared with wrought iron and steel, aluminum fencing is very affordable.

    Although it looks as gorgeous and regal as wrought iron, it is much more readily available and it’s cheaper to manufacture.

    Plus, although its upfront cost is more than most wood fences, unlike wood, it doesn’t require additional upkeep costs and maintenance. It is a one-time investment that will last for decades without replacement 

    Wrought Iron fence

     fences of Wrought Iron are made from the raw element of iron. Many of today’s wrought iron manufacturers add iron silicate to their product.

    It can be difficult to find a manufacturer that uses true 100% raw iron in their fence materials.

     A few signs like Refined, professional workmanship is more common in wrought iron fences. Most every wrought iron fence is custom made.

    Customized points include: frame caps, fence post caps, scrolls, and collars are often made with “real” wrought iron.

    Genuine wrought iron is solid and shaped by a blacksmith that heats the iron to red hot temperatures, Wrought iron will bend under extreme heat and does not dent, dimple, or collapse.  

    Why choose Wrought Iron fence Tried and true design, custom & unique.

    Premium quality material. Heavy, very heavy. Reliable, solid. Long life span in most applications.

    When Should You Choose Wrought Iron?

    Wrought iron may be ideal or is commonly used in the following applications:

    • Custom Craftsmanship. If you want to genuine one of a kind fence, wrought iron is the right choice. It can be heated and shaped with great levels of detail and the quality of work will differentiate your fence from all the rest.
    • Long term, high-end architecture. Wrought iron holds up to harsh weathering longer than steel. It doesn’t corrode as easily or as quickly. If you want to build an ornate fence that will still be standing about a hundred years from now, choose wrought iron.   
    • Restoration. If you’re improving or restoring a fence from the Victorian era, you’ll need wrought iron. Steel came into modern fence building during the industrial revolution. Fences and architecture created before that time relied on iron as their choice of steel.
    • Creative, Decorative Architecture. Wrought iron is a great choice for decorative fences. Several fence installers and architects use wrought iron to create fences that are works of art.

    This type of fence adds an amazing charm and elegance to the entire place. With wrought iron fencing being highly durable, it costs a bit more than other kinds of Metal Fence.

    Steel Fence

    when it comes to Steel, which is generally iron with not more than 2% carbon, began to displace wrought and cast iron for fence-making at the end of the 19th century along with advances in mass-producing the metal. Steel ushered in a new fence type—the composite fence made of steel and malleable iron—composed of light-gauge wire that was zinc-galvanized for protection, machine woven for rapid production, then shipped in rolls for installation on posts.

    Unlike wrought iron fencing, steel fencing can continue on and not rot for centuries instead of years! Along with it being very sturdy, there is little to no servicing needed.

    Are you in search of the best quality Metal Fencing that can give you complete satisfaction with the security of your home?  trust none other than Smith Metal Works will satisfy your needs

    For all your needs, feel free to contact us for fencing services on our site. We hope you found some valuable information from this, if you have any other questions please do feel free to give us a call on or feel free to fill out our contact form.

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      Metal Fence

      Ornamental Fence add style and elegance to residential, commercial and industrial properties, and it offers a prestige look. Read more..

      Ornamental Fence Gallery


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      Ornamental Fence adds style and elegance to residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and it offers a prestigious look.

      it comes in different materials such as Aluminum, metal, and iron.

      Aluminum ornamental fences do not rust and are often specified for that reason as well.

      Homeowners choose ornamental metal fencing to show off landscaping of homes while also conveying a sense of security. 

      Both ornamental aluminum and iron are earth-friendly and sport environmentally-friendly finishes.

      Furthermore, aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without breaking down. 

      In addition to their good looks, ornamental steel and aluminum fences can be used to secure properties. Pickets with thicker walls are used for commercial or industrial applications to further increase the strength of the fence.

      In Smith Metal Works, ornamental fences come in a wide variety of styles to complement all types of architecture, from contemporary to traditional and are available in a number of standard colors.

      The attractiveness of ornamental fencing is one of its biggest draws, and property owners have a range of style options from which to choose.

      Our team at Smith Metal Works can help customers personalize their ornamental fences by adding rails, rings, scrolls, and finials, and they may choose arching or swooping pickets or any kind of pickets.

      If you want to know more about the composition, quality, designs, and shapes, you can contact us via our website or email, or you can call us at (905) 766 -1515 where one of our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have.

      you can also arrange a free consultation with no obligation. We wish you to find out what suits your ideas and style.

      We are happy to serve you and complete your ideas at Smith Metal Works.

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        Ornamental Fence

        Picket fence is a type of fence often used decoratively for domestic boundaries, well known by their evenly spaced vertical boards, called pickets, attached to horizontal rails, called tops. Read more..

        Picket Fence Gallery

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        While picket fences could be made out of different materials, homeowners and businesses mostly choose wrought iron or aluminum fences. they will use them to complement their properties with a traditional modern look for several reasons like strength, durability, and low cost.

        Wrought iron, steel or aluminum picket fences are very durable. Unlike wood, they are not susceptible to rot or wood-loving insects such as termites. 

        Such pests eat wood and cause holes, but they naturally have no taste for Mines. 

        Likewise, alloys aren’t susceptible to splintering or cracking. Generally speaking, the picket fence made from alloys remains intact for years.

        Regardless of your material choices, this kind of fence is one of the most inexpensive fencing options! 

        Furthermore, When you have a beautiful and durable picket fence surrounding your property, it certainly won’t hurt the value of your home. 

        But, you might be questioning yourself. Why should I have a picket fence in the first place? 

        Above all, a good and attractive picket fence keeps neighbor relations friendly. A rickety fence isn’t going to win you any friends. 

        However, a nice picket fence enhances the look of both your own yard and your neighbor’s, since they’ll be looking at the fence from their side.

        In addition, pickets are low, so they won’t block your neighbors’ views.

        One of the other big duties fences fulfill is keeping your family inside the perimeters of your yard. This is mostly relevant for families with children and pets.

        As we mentioned earlier, picket fences are usually low, between two to four feet tall, so kids will be able to see out without being able to get out. 

        Don’t forget, Smith Metal Works LTD can always produce higher fences according to your desire for added security and depending on your needs.

        Finally, by scrolling down this page, Smith Metal Works LTD is happy to present for you their samples and latest work. 

        Please, feel free to choose your favorite design, or provide us with yours so we can customize it for you.

        Either you decide about your picket fence design, or you still not sure about your choices, you are welcome to call us at (905)766-1515 – one of our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have. 

        you can also arrange a free consultation with no obligation to help you select the perfect fence for your home or property.

        Smith Metal Works family wish you the best luck with your next purchase!

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          Picket Fence

          If you have a pool in your house then you will need a pool fence.

          Almost all insurance companies require policyholders to erect fences for pools that meet certain criteria such as height (4 feet is most common), building material, spacing of slats, etc. Read more..

          Pool Fence Gallery


          But what is the importance of a pool safety fence?

          The pool fence and gate should keep unsupervised children out of the pool area, since children are particularly susceptible to drowning in residential pools, thus protecting them.

          They are also an important way to decrease the likelihood of child drownings, and having them indeed will reduce the potential for liability in accidents that stem from unauthorized pool use. 

          To lower the occurrence of accidents, backyard pool regulations set in the Toronto Municipal Code —Chapter 447 Fences requires homeowners to set up a fence around a swimming pool on private property. 

          On the other hand above ground pool fence is considered to be the second line of defense, after your home’s doors. It can help keep kids out of the pool area when you’re not there to watch them. 

          At Smith Metal Work we provide pool safety fences that you need to protect everyone. We can customize the fence to meet your needs and requirements.

          In fact, We believe that great work starts with good communication! 

          On this page, we present samples of our latest work. Therefore, feel free to pick up the design which suits your needs. Otherwise, you can provide us with your requirements, either it’s industrial or commercial, so we can customize it for you.

           Smith Metal Works, wish you the best luck with your next purchase!  

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            Pool Fence