Gates, Fences & Security Doors Designs

Smith Metal Works security gates, fences doors, are built to last. Boasting unbeatable durability, iron offers superior security and better protection against home assaults than any other type of doors.

Gates, fence, and security doors with high-grade steel construction makes them exceptionally strong, sturdy and difficult to damage, crack or break. 

Smiths Metal Works vision takes care of your property prestige as well. Matched gates, fences, and security doors, will bring your property to top the luxury houses league.

The value of your property is affected by the quality of such fixtures. Upkeep on your home is a constant battle and installing low or zero maintenance elements such as security doors, fence and gates helps maintain and increase the value of your property.  The more secure your property is, the higher its value, which Smith Metal Works jobs excel at providing.

Add to this, iron, steel and aluminum are fully customisable and can be crafted into any style or design you desire. 

Another great feature of metal or steel security doors is that they are strong and durable enough to include glass elements.  That means the wrought iron does the job of keeping you safe and secure while the glass lets in natural light.

You can use frosted privacy glass, or clear glass to make it easy to see who’s at the door.  With Smith Metal Works we make it easy to customize the perfect balance of light, security, and privacy for your property

Finally, if you decide to purchase any of our styles that are shown below, you only need to contact us via our website or email, attaching desired pictures so we can produce for you. Otherwise, and in case you feel undecided about your choices, we welcome you to call us  at (905)766-1515 where one of our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have, or arrange a free consultation with no obligation. We wish you to find out what suits your ideas and style.

Smith Metal Works, wish you the best luck with your next purchase!