11 Apr 2021

The Best Picket Fence In Toronto and The GTA

01387 Picket FenceA picket fence is a type of fence often used decoratively for domestic boundaries, well known by their evenly spaced vertical boards, called pickets, attached to horizontal rails, called tops. While picket fences could be made out of different materials, homeowners and businesses mostly choose wrought iron or aluminum fences. they will use them to complement their properties with a traditional modern look for several reasons like strength, durability, and low cost.


Pickets with Style!

01423 Picket FenceWrought iron, steel or aluminum picket fences are very durable. Unlike wood, they are not susceptible to rot or wood-loving insects such as termites. Such pests eat wood and cause holes, but they naturally have no taste for Mines. Likewise, alloys aren’t susceptible to splintering or cracking. Generally speaking, the picket fence made from alloys remains intact for years. Regardless of your material choices, this kind of fence is one of the most inexpensive fencing options! Furthermore, When you have a beautiful and durable picket fence surrounding your property, it certainly won’t hurt the value of your home. 


Picket Fences! What Do We Offer?

01368 Picket FenceA good and attractive picket fence keeps neighbor relations friendly. A rickety fence isn’t going to win you any friends. However, a nice picket fence enhances the look of both your own yard and your neighbor’s, since they’ll be looking at the fence from their side. In addition, pickets are low, so they won’t block your neighbors’ views. One of the other big duties fences fulfill is keeping your family inside the perimeters of your yard. This is mostly relevant for families with children and pets.

SmithMetalWorks can always produce higher fences according to your desire for added security and depending on your needs. We are always happy to showcase samples and the latest projects.

We Are Certified

Canadian Welding Certification-smithmetalworks.caIf you are looking for the best picket fence in Toronto & the GTA, whether it is a fence picket, picket railing, picket fences, metal fence, metal picket fence, fence repair, fence materials, fence company, fence companies, fencing supplies, pool safety fence, fencing, iron prickle stairs, and full privacy fence. Rest assured you are in a good company’s hand, We are certified welders and can help you with your needs.



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Home Stars Certified | Smith Metal WorksSmithMetalWorks has gained customers’ trust and satisfaction over the years. Not only for the picket fences service we offer but also for other services. You can read real testimonials from real people on our testimonials page, you can also check our google reviews. We are a proud winner of the Best of HomeStars Awards in the railings category. You can check our reviews on HomeStars website.



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SmithMetalWorks simply offer the best picket fence in Toronto & the GTA.

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