28 Apr 2021

 When it comes to the consistent progress in welding technology, and the reliability of welded products, Smith Metal Works is always on the lead to offer the best services with professionalism. Therefore, we proudly keep learning and taking training courses for our team by getting CWB certification. Above all, we do care about the safety and the standards through ensuring high quality and reliable welded structures. Canadian Welding Bureau promotes the goals of educating companies and their employees, improving productivity, profitability, and safety in the Canadian industry. 

What is the CWB?

CWB stands for Canadian welding Bureau, it is a welding foundation that is predicated on the assist of enterprise and network businesses; to deal with the welding professional alternate shortage in Canada. They surely support the Canadian welding enterprise in having a sustainable labor supply of welding professionals and professional tradespeople that can contribute to monetary prosperity.

The partnerships between industry and authorities can also allow Canadian welders to build an awesome career in the welding domain; through training and practices to have a pleasant instructional experience.

CWB certifies welding consumables, companies, and inspection organizations through a qualification process to ensure that they meet the requirements for a variety of products and safety codes.

Canadian Welding Bureau works in harmony with The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to set the standards for what each certification entails. Therefore, CWB offers a range of CSA certifications based on skill and scope of work.

The most common Canadian welding certifications are:

  •  Fusion Welding of Steel Company Certification CSA W47.1
  • Fusion Welding of Aluminum Company Certification CSA W47.2 
  • Welding of Reinforcing Bars Company Certification CSA W186 
  • Resistance Welding Company Certification CSA W55.3 
  • Welding Inspection Organizations Company Certification CSA W178.1 
  • Welding Inspector Certification CSA W178.2 

The most common certification is the CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel Company Certification. Its primary purpose is to assure that a company offering custom metal fabrication in Toronto can produce a quality weld.


Why do you need to have CWB certification?

Quality assurance

The CWB ensures consistency across the board continually. Welders need to have to recertify every two years, once they maintain the certification, it will ensure that they are qualified in engineering and supervising.


Only high-quality welding can surely give an extremely important step of ensuring building and infrastructure welding work, and that should meet the relevant Canadian codes and standards. In this way, it can guarantee the industry and the safety of the users.

A welding supervisor is directly responsible for ensuring qualified welders and welding operators are working under approved welding procedure data sheets on the shop floor or in the field.



Does Smith Metal Works have CWB certifications?

One of our goals as professional welders is to be certified. Therefore, we can demonstrate our skill level at or above the industry standards requirements.

We earned credentials that reflect the industry’s needs and work with safety regulations. By getting certified also tells that our employer is a serious professional and valuable member of our team.

Please check our Licences & Certification page for more info.