27 Apr 2021
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The best indoor handrails in Toronto

Simply designed to provide stability, support, and to prevent injuriously or a sudden fall. Interior handrails are really important to increase safety, when flooring surfaces are slippery and dangerous, especially for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Legal requirement

00146 Indoor HandrailsNot only it is a safety issue, but also a legal requirement. When it comes to indoor handrails, aside from assisting us with our everyday moving tasks. Did you know that indoor handrails are actually a legal requirement?

According to the Ontario Building Code, a stairway shall have a handrail on at least one side. If 1 100 mm or more in width shall have handrails on both sides. We measure the height of handrails on stairs and ramps vertically. From the top of the handrail to a straight line drawn tangent to the tread nosing of the stair served by the handrail, or the surface of the ramp, floor or landing served by the handrail.

Indoor handrails! What Do We Offer?

00154 Indoor HandrailsSmith Metal Works provides uncounted designs, styles, and also helps in making a building look more aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly it is a legal requirement.

SmithMetalWorks provides all elements of handrail systems, from fittings to tubes. All of our handrail components and designs comply with Ontario building safety standards. Our handrail products are available in metal, steel, and aluminum.


We Are Certified

Canadian Welding Certification-smithmetalworks.caIf you are looking for the best indoor handrails in Toronto, whether it is indoor handrails, interior handrails, handrails, indoor steps. Rest assured you are in a good company’s hand, We are certified welders and can help you with your needs.




Awards & Testimonials

Home Stars Certified | Smith Metal WorksSmithMetalWorks has gained customers’ trust and satisfaction over the years. Not only for the indoor handrails service we offer but also for other services. You can read real testimonials from real people on our testimonials page, you can also check our google reviews. We are a proud winner of the Best of HomeStars Awards in the railings category. You can check our reviews on the HomeStars website.


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SmithMetalWorks simply offer the best indoor handrails in Toronto & the GTA.

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